Letter from the President

Dear Chagrin Falls Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year, a year that will very likely prove to be one unlike any we have experienced before.  As we deal with the pandemic, it’s economic ramifications, and possible limitations on gatherings, the Chagrin Falls Booster Club has been working tirelessly to plan for how we can hopefully hold some of our signature events and support our school community in these challenging times. We need your help more than ever to make it all possible.

During the past 75 years, the Chagrin Falls Booster club has been “of service to our youngsters wherever needed, to acquire working equipment within the school and on the athletic fields,... to increase the attendance at school functions, and to bring closer spirit of relationship and cooperation between the schools, its officials, students and the citizens of Chagrin Falls.”  In the last decade the Boosters have raised nearly $900,000 and invested directly into the school district at all levels.

Where has all of this money been invested?

  • $250,000 in academic programs at all levels K-12 

  • $10,000 in annual college scholarships to graduating seniors. 

  • $420,000 to the operating budget of the district’s High School Athletic Department 

  • Assisted with combined funding of $45,000 for the DC trip, the Student Resource Officer, and Tiger Perks Coffee Shop in the high school.

  • $150,000 in improvements to our facilities, including the purchase of the brand-new scoreboard for Harris Stadium in 2016

  • $3600 for Outdoor Learning Tents for Gurney and Chagrin Falls Intermediate School for use specifically during Covid 19.

Please consider joining the Chagrin Falls Booster Club. Membership is our #1 source of funding.  We encourage you all to view your membership donation as a way of helping our school community as a whole.  This philanthropic effort needs your support now more than ever.  Our goal this year is to not only continue our regular district support outlined above, but to help alleviate some of the economic burden being placed on our district due to Covid 19 such as the purchase of the tents for Gurney and CFIS.   We also aim to help student athletes due to the “Pay to Play” fees being asked of them this year.  We are designating  a portion of each membership fee towards our fund for student athletes who may need support with Pay to Play. Won’t you please help us reach this goal? 

Joining the Boosters takes only minutes. Go to our website at www.cfboosterclub.org to join online, or you can mail in the form on the back of this letter. 

Our hope is to hold and see you all at Meet the Team on August 16 and at our Annual Tailgate dinner on Friday, September 28th at 5pm on the High School campus parking lot if state and local mandates allow. 

Here’s to another great school year and Go Tigers! 

Betsey Gregoire, President of The Chagrin Falls Booster Club

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