grow. raised bed fill mix

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35# 1.5 cu. ft. bag NOP-compliant raised bed mix and general-purpose soil mix. This blended utility soil is our go-to for most home growing projects. Do you have health transplants? Put them in Grow. Have an existing garden that needs a shot in the arm? Add Grow. Potted herbs that are getting root bound? Repot in Grow. This balanced, user friendly soil is ideal for a wide range of applications because of its water management properties. Plants in Grow are difficult to over or under water and the trance minerals provide ample nutrients to support root structure and development. Use: Filling raised beds, large pots, and amending existing soils. Grow is Tilth Soil's general purpose soil that will give you and your plants the best chance at a successful growing season. Ingredients: Living compost, Canadian peat moss, sharp sand, bone char, blood meal, gypsum, rock dust, and perlite.
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