sprout. seed starting mix

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35# 1.5 cu. ft. bag NOP-compliant seed starting mix Sprout is the product that launched Tilth as a company. As home gardeners and professional growers who start their plants from seed know all too well, the quality of soil you start your growing season out with can dictate the fate of your growing season. We heard from far and wide that a truly high-quality seed starting mix was not readily accessible so we developed Sprout. In 2020 a University of Kentucky study from their Horticultural Research Farm examined over 20 commercially available seed starting mixes and concluded that Sprout was among the top three performing compost-based organic potting mixes available nationally. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or first time grower, Sprout is designed to support health root structure and development that is essential to long term vigor and growth. Use: starting seeds and transplants. Ideal for cell trays and soil blocking alike. Ingredients: Living compost, Canadian peat moss, coconut or wood fiber, blood meal, kelp meal, gypsum, rock dust, and perlite.
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