Letter from the President

Dear Chagrin Falls Parents,

Have you ever wondered what it is the Boosters do with all of the money raised each year?  We thought it was important for all of our members, and even the community at large, to realize what it is the Chagrin Falls Boosters actually help support and fund each school year.  Below is a list of items we have recently funded as well as appropriations for future funding:

  1. New score board installed last fall at Harris Stadium. (Previous year).    
  2. Each year we give $35,000 to the Chagrin Falls Athletic Department.  
  3. The Boosters award $6,000 in scholarships each year to outstanding seniors.  
  4. Difference Makers Breakfast, an annual event to honor those in our community who make a difference for our schools and our community.  
  5. The purchase of 6 iPad pros for the Art department.
  6. A visit from the Great Lakes Theatre Resident program for the high school.
  7. Sending coaches, from all levels in the district, to a Student Athlete Coaching workshop.
  8. Ads in the local papers to announce where our graduates will be attending college.
  9. The purchase of new loudspeakers for the baseball field. 
  10. Helping to cover the cost of sending our amazing Speech and Debate team to nationals.  

An impressive list, I am sure you will agree, totaling over $61,000 in grants and funding for the 2017/2018 school year. What we are most proud of is the diversity of who we are helping in the district.  Not only are we supporting athletics, but we are making major impacts in the academic realm as well.  I hope you will be as proud of this work as we are.  

So again thank you for your ongoing support, with which none of the above would be possible!


Mark Munday

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